Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Missing My Babies

So I basically love the program I am attending. I love the classes and the opportunity to work on developing my artistic skills. When it comes to crunch time and production, though, I miss my babies. I don't enjoy making them feel abandoned or keeping them up nights worrying about me when I am out shooting in the city until 4:15 am (safe and secure inside after midnight of course). But I know they love me and miss me, and I miss them in return. I don't always like the feast or famine of time shared with my family being in film--but I love how big and delicious those feasts of time are when they come. Soon enough. But until then, I miss my babies.

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Tammy said...

Hi Justin! I know it's hard to be away and busy, both on you and on Brecken and Reubs, but one day it will be worth it!
Do everything you can to show them you love them, and spend time with them when you can, and then, once you've done everything you can, just make sure that you enjoy all of the experiences you're having. They really are wonderful experiences, and at some point, this time will pass, and you'll be on to other things :) The young family at grad school thing is always busy - no matter what major you choose.

Have a great last few days of crunch time, and then - Merry Christmas!

:) Tammy