Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where Did My Extra Hour Go?

Well, we were ready to fall back a few weeks ago, and then forgot that it was going to happen. We woke up this morning and got to the bus on time. Then the bus didn't take us all the way to church because of the NY Marathon (the insanity of running for 5 plus hours is another post.) So we made it to church at 25 past the hour... to find it practically empty. Justin looked at his cell phone and then at his watch, and then asked me if I set his watch ahead so he wouldn't be late. (then he realized that was a dumb question.) This environmentally motivated change in the time change made me loose my extra hour of sleep. So when we have to spring ahead it will be like I lost two hours.

I could use that extra hour of sleep.


Tammy said...


The solution is simple: Keep your clocks set to the old time today, and then set them to the new time tonight before you go to bed - get your extra hour sleep!
Because honestly, why should you start day light savings today just because everyone else does?! Who are THEY to control your life and steal your sleep!
Stick it to the man Brecken. Refuse to comply. Be the hippy we all know you are.

And enjoy your sleepin tomorrow morning :)

Love you girl!
xo Tammy

Anonymous said...

So, if I was running the marathon at 2am when the time changed would that add or subtract an hour from my time?

Jessica said...

Just move to Arizona. They've got the right idea about DST. Get rid of it!

Lark said...

In English,IN they have fast time and slow time because some people honor Day light savings time and others don't.