Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thanksgiving Countdown 7

I am thankful that Reuben's throw-up last night just lead to tired and crabby mommy and baby instead of sick baby and frazzled mommy. (Justin did not understand that there is a difference... there is, basically I am thankful today was rough and not horrible.)

It was really weird. I woke up to Justin shaking the bed when he finally went to bed at one, then shortly after I heard Reuben crying. I let him cry for about an hour and then went to get him. He wouldn't really lay down, and when he laid down he wouldn't close his eyes. We both finally fell asleep and woke up to Reuben gagging. Justin put his hand under his mouth, and a big chunk came out. It was the size of Justin's palm, and not really runny, it was weird. But none of the Cooks slept very well. He didn't act sick today, just tired, and took at 5 hour nap, which meant I got work done.


Tammy said...


You must be pulling for straws if this experience is your 'I'm thankful for' listing for today! But I'm glad he seems tired instead of sick and that things will probably be back to normal for you by tomrrow.

Love you girl!
xo Tammy

Jessica said...

Congrats for not throwing up on him in return :)