Wednesday, November 7, 2007

J's Thanksgiving Countdown

November 7th--I am grateful for greater understanding through watching, listening, and note taking. In my producing class tonight I was able to take notes on a presentation about the effect of the digital age on filmmaking, distribution, and possible futures. Although much of it was what I had read somewhere before, or heard in conversation, I understood so much more when I sat and listened and took notes. I find I learn best that way because I have a physical activity, visual and aural stimuli, and a feeling of communal benefit. It's a lot to take in and if left to my own devices without a structure, to read, or simply listen, my mind wanders and my activity becomes daydreaming or actual dreaming since I just nod off to sleep. You all may say that perhaps I should be tested and medicated--well, perhaps the medication is just an effort to be involved which in my case is note-taking.

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Tammy said...

I miss lectures and note taking. I even miss assignment writing - so look who needs medication now!


Glad you're having so much fun Justin - We'll have to try and get together in the next few years and try and swap all the things we've learnt!

have a fabulous rest of the week!