Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sock Monkey Pattern

This is the link to the plans I used:


As you can see I didn't use the real sock monkey socks. (Jessica bought them for Reuben, because it was before I knew where to buy socks here.)

Stuff the legs before you stuff the body. (This might be common sense, but Justin would need to know to do it that way.)

Sew the top half of the nose on, then stuff and sew the bottom on. If you aren't planning on a hat, the nose looks cuter if it is higher than lower.

Don't sew on the ears as half circles... sinch up the flat end, then sew the ear on so the middle of the ear pokes out towards the back. (I didn't do this on the first one, and it is MUCH cuter.)

I used embroidery floss instead of yarn because I didn't have a needle big enough for yarn. It worked fine but yarn would probably be faster.

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Jessica said...

The socks I bought are much cuter anyway.