Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of missing you:

B: What? (Looks up to see J looking at the blog.)
J: We need to create a situation here! Some sensationalism! Our ratings are going down!
B: How do you propose we do that?
J: I don't know. Wait, have you gone outside this week? I forgot to take you for a walk on Monday...and Tuesday...when I get home tonight it will be dark...tomorrow. You should ask them to change the time of you meeting so you can start going to playgroup. Or, quit so you can go to play group.

Dear anyone checking from work, I won't quit so I can go to playgroup, just so you know, even if we lost 100 views a week.


Jessica said...

HUH? What does playgroup have to do with how many people look at your blog? Personally, I look at it several times a day (whenever I can tear myself away from my stimulating job, that is).

Jessica said...

Never mind. I figured it out. My brain has just atrophied (once again from my stimulating job) so I can't think straight anymore.

Tammy said...

T: Poor Brecken and Justin, I stop checking reguarly for 4 days, and they think everyone has stopped reading their blog!
T: Hmmmm. Surely there are other people who read this blog....
T: Yeah, but I usually reply to every single post, and not many people do that, so it probably just FEELS like everyone has stopped reading their blog.
T: Yeah, and I read ALL the posts - even the ones that don't have photos (justin!)
T: Well, I've been READING their posts this week, I'm just having the busiest week of my whole life, so I haven't had time to reply much lately.
T: Is that how you spell 'busiest'?
T: I don't know, I bet Brecken could tell me.
T: So why are you having the busiest week of your life?
T: Oh, work is insane, and then Abby get's married in a week, so thinks are crazy. And I had to make a trip to Melbourne for work this week too, so that took me away from the blog-world.
T: Melbourne? cool! How was that?
T: Oh, really fun. If I had a blog, I'd proably put up pictures of it.
T: I'm glad you had a good time. So will you be back to blogging now?!
T: Well actually, I'll be a little sporadic over the next week, because I'm taking the next week off work to get ready for the wedding (which is also part of the reason work has had to be insanely busy this past week! All my clients want 2 weeks worth of work done in 1 week!)
T: Is that how you spell sporadic?
T: I don't know.
T: Anyway, Brecken and Justin should continue to feel loved and blog appreciated, because I'll read and catchup whenever I can, and trust me, in my new world of 'wedding prep land', the blog will be a highlight :)
T: I'm sure they'll be glad to hear that!

I love you guys! :)
xo Tammy.

Lark said...

Tammy I hope your trip to Melbourne was great. I went to Ashland, Wisconsin for church on Sunday. I have to go to Duluth, Minnesota this Sunday.

Justin I love the pictures. And I do know who's kitchen sink that baby is in.

He called us today and really said HELLO.

You will always have the friends above and the grandma's reading the blog.

By the way I love it when you comment on my family history blog.

Justin said...

I am glad for the outpouring of love--I hope you all know our conversation was rather light-hearted--we love your comments and even your lurking eyes!

:) Justin

Tammy said...

I don't think we have lurking eyes. Do you?!
xo Tammy