Wednesday, November 14, 2007

J's Thanksgiving Countdown

November 13th--I am grateful that Reuben and Brecken will let me run lines and do my crazy antics while they eat popcorn, play with cars, and scrapbook. I did the short play A Lonely Impulse of Delight by John Patrick Shanley for June Stein's class, and I was able to memorize my lines by spouting them off over and over while my lovely wife and monkey child carried on with their business. Every once in a while Reuben would hold up his little plastic bowl and say "corn?"--meaning he was ready for a refill of his popcorn--good show old bean!

November 14th--I am grateful that those lines that Reuben and Brecken listened to me memorize paid off--we had a fun run of the scene in our Directing the Actor workshop and June was thrilled to see me wave a blinking plastic pumpkin around on stage like a lunatic. I love having good experiences doing things that I love and having the support of people I love while I do them....The photo included is one of Reuben being cute--since I know some only read these posts if a photo is attached. I can make it relevant by saying I came home in time just to see Reuben in the bath and off to bed--he loves playing hide on the bed under pillows after his bath--and I come find him. Tonight he got the computer remote control and turned on A-Teens on iTunes and danced around to cheesy Abba covers while he played the pillow game.

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