Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're going to do it!

Sleepy Hollow here we come. This Saturday, or next, depending on when Justin can get work off.

We'll go to Sunnyside Manor (Irving's Home) The old dutch church and cemetery (the ones in the legend of sleepy hollow) and the Park with the light house. We have decided to take a cab once we get up there, otherwise it will be miles and miles of walking. I tried to figure out how we could walk it, but with everything closing at 5 there wasn't going to be a way to fit everything in.

The next time we go up we will go to the Rockefeller place and Union church (the one with Chagall and Matisse stained glass windows.)

I knew I should have kept my literature books, cause we don't have a copy of anything Irving in our apartment.

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Anonymous said...

He's public domain. Check him out at the Gutenberg Project.