Sunday, October 21, 2007


The middle of the day was made-up of walking, eating, and walking. We walked through Sleepy Hollow to the "The Horseman Cafe." It was pretty good, but too busy for the waitress to notice that I was out of water. Justin had a Monte Cristo sandwich, which was different than what I thought Monte Cristo sandwiches were. I thought they were turkey, ham, swiss, and green chili, but this was turkey, ham, swiss, and cranberry sauce. The bite he shared me was very delicious. Reuben and I had hamburgers, the french fries were delicious, and the burgers weren't bad, my bacon cheese burger had two slices of cheese on it, that was nice.
We left the Cafe, and walked in hopes of finding some cute shops, which we didn't, but be found a park on the boarder of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. We let Reuben run around. He loves water, and will RUN towards it if he sees it. Justin was very good at catching up with him before he could get wet.

We tried to call a cab, but I copied the number down wrong, so we got to keep walking. We found a market where Justin went in to ask about the real number for the Taxi. We called and we got picked up by the Seven 11. We were so glad not have to walk the whole way to Sunnyside, because it was a long drive. The cab didn't smell as nice as the Town Car, but the driver was so much nicer!

Lesson Learned:

  • Bring your own water, because waitresses don't want to fill yours when they work at a busy cafe.


Talyn said...

Why is that squirrel attacking Reuben, and why aren't you saving him?!

Tammy said...

Reuben and I are kindred spirits then, because I love being around water too :) The sound just soothes my soul and makes me happy (and in need of a restroom). One day, they'll make a CD that's combination Jazz/Water sounds. Now there's a winner!
I also seem to remember Reuben's parents having a certain affinity for water too... or at least, for bridges over water....

:) Tammy