Saturday, October 6, 2007


Our little Cookshack doesn't have very many traditions. But, we do have tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on the Saturday of General Conference. When we did our grocery shopping this week I forgot that it was conference weekend. Last night I remembered, and was glad that conference starts two hours later here, so I would have time to run to the deli to pick up the stuff.

Well, Justin came home at 9:10 pm, and had a bag from the deli... in it he had the fixings for our chunky conference soup. It was such a sweet testament to how much of a tradition this is for our family. Instead of saying, "Oh, we can skip it this year." Justin said, "Oh! I better buy the stuff!" It made me so happy to know that something that is special to me is special to him too. I guess that is what tradition is all about.

Chunky Conference Tomato Soup
3 cans condensed tomato soup
3 cans milk
1 can stewy pewy tomatoes (diced or cut into small pieces)
Heat slowly as to not curdle the milk, it tastes fine if you do, but its not a pretty as evidenced by the picture. I do it in the slow cooker so I don't have to worry about it during the first session of conference, so it is always curdled.

Fry up 1/2 pound of bacon. Crumble into the soup.

Get most of the fat out of the bacon pan, and grill the cheese sandwiches in the bacon dripping coated pan (don't butter the bread of the grilled cheese, unless you like it really greasy.)

Do you have a conference tradition?


JoJo &/or Bob said...

Yes! My Mom always made German Oven Pancakes (SOOO yummy) on Conference morning, usually Sunday. So of course (since we LOVE German Oven Pancakes and they are super easy)... I do it, too! They are Robert's favorite, so he is definitely supportive of this tradition...

Tammy said...

Brecky - I'm so glad you both enjoy your traditions. And I'm glad I got to be a part of that particular tradition a couple of conferences ago. I miss you guys this conference weekend!

(But I'm super excited about President Eyring's new call!)

xo Tammy.

Lark said...

Personal bags of candy for all the kids.

Talyn said...

Mom, I wish I were there to get my bag this time. Save it for me, OK? Brecken, Do you think the soup will freeze?

Lark said...

You can ice cream so you must be able to freeze creamed soup.

If you can not drink milk. Make it with soy milk. Can you heat that? And if you only want a little use one can of soup and only a part of a can of diced tomatoes.