Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tim Tams

Reuben has a godmother, this is not something that most Mormon's do, but since there was going to be too much competition for "favorite aunt" Tammy offered to be his godmother. Reuben waited until she got back from Australia to be born, I would like to say that I was trying to honor her request to wait eight days after the due date, but it was all Reuben. She came to visit the day he was born. She babysat him so Justin and I could go to the temple. I secretly hope that in 6 years Tammy can come to Reuben's baptism, but she is doing a good job of taking a vested interest in raising a more complete human being, and one of the ways she does that is by checking my blog. Well, her birthday is coming up (on Wednesday), and I thought, since she is the reason I write this blog (that's what she would tell you, anyway) I would dedicate a few entries specifically to her.
Tammy moved into my ward when she came to BYU, but we didn't become friends until she moved into my apartment, and my room to be more specific. (Because this is my blog, it gets to be my ward, my apartment, and my room.) She was the odd one out, Kerry, Jessica, and I had already been roommates, and were already very good friends. Tammy and I had the big room, which I think Jessica and Kerry (and anyone else who ever lived with me) could say was a good thing, even though I am sure they were envious of the closet. I have so many fond memories of living with her. She had us sleep with the lights on for a week because she watched the ring (more than once), she liked to use the snooze button, she thought cookies were talking to her from the microwave, she was inspired to give me the best calling I have ever had. I could go on and on. But my favoritest memory I have of living with Tammy is playing solitaire.

We had our computers against the same wall, and we would sit there and play solitaire and listen to music. There was a certain song that I had on my computer that would have to be repeated every time it played, and if it was taking too long to randomly come up Tammy would ask me to play the song, and then repeat it. Sometimes when I miss her I play solitaire and listen to music, and if I really miss her I will listen to the song twice. I'm sure you are wondering what the song was, I'll only tell you this, it is by one of the blond pop stars and features Mark Anthony.
If it was cold enough today to consider hot chocolate, I might have had some if I had a tim tam or three.


Tammy said...

Okay, this is hardly fair! I'm sitting here at work, doing my monday morning routine of 'checking your blog' and you've all but made me cry! Those are some of my absolutely favourite memories too, and I'm just so grateful everytime I think of the fact that I ended up moving into your ward, into your apartment and into your room. Most of all, I'm just grateful that you let me be your friend :) My world is so much better with you and Justin and Rueben in it, and you can tell Reuben (who will probably grow up knowing me as that 'funny lady who sends him presents on his birthday') that I'll do everything I can to get to wherever he is when he turns 8 :)

Thanks Brecky! I love you too :)
xo Tammy

PS. I'm glad you've finally admitted the real reason you write your blog.... You feel better now, right? having got that off your chest?!


Courtlin said...

we all know that I am the favorite.

Tammy said...

:) See Courtlin?! There was no competing with that!

xo Tammy

Jessica said...

Hey! You're setting a dangerous precedent here. I'm feeling left out. Now you're going to have to write a tribute to me too. Actually, since we all know I'm the pinnacle of evolution (yeah right), you don't really have to.

Okay, back to being serious--I love you too Tammy, and there will be a special birthday message on my blog just for you sometime in the next few days, so make sure to check it!