Sunday, October 28, 2007


In the continuing tradition of remembering Reuben's godmother on the week of her birthday I thought I would say a few words about someone I like to call Tammers.

The first time I met her was the night I met Brecken--and she was wearing a shirt that said something about not having eaten chocolate in a year and I thought "wowsers--such will power!"--and then we ate pepperjack cheese and played phase 10. We quickly became friends--she was a film major--I was interested in her roommate--so there was always something to talk about.

Some of my fondest memories of Tammy are:

Chocolate covered nuts during "Film Music"--and the presentation we did with "Stormy Weather" set to 5 different movie clips

Having her star in some of my fledgling short films, and her thinking I made her look terrible when in actuality she is one of the best actresses I know

The time we were TAs for Intro to Film and we always sat by one another which concerned a fellow TA of ours (me being a married man)--when she found out that Tammy was one of Brecken's dearest friends and that we mostly talked about her (I served as a semi-functional messenger for gossip stories) she was relieved.

Her phenomenal work as a UPM on my short film Familiar Insults--and the lovely banner that hung outside of La Hacienda, the hole in the carpet at our location, and other fun times.

How she saved my hide on a feature film that I was UPMing and she came to dwell in a camper trailer with me on a dusty lot by the side of the road in Summer '06 for six glorious weeks. Among the many adventures there I will always be entertained by her gullible affinity for brand-name packaging (she saw the new Sprite cans and thought the flavor was much better in the newer cans).

Basically Tammy Munro would be the best business partner and friend and godmother to Reuben that I could ask for. Happy Halloween Tammers


Tammy said...

Thanks Justin! Ditto on the whole 'you almost made me cry at work' comment I wrote in answer to Brecken's entry, but thankyou :) You've been a wonderful friend from the day Brecken and I met you, and I still haven't ruled out the 'business partner' thing :) The more I work, the more I realize that I'm a great producer, and a 'grit-my-teeth-and-bare-it' director, so the business partner thing is probably the way to go! In the next week and a half I have to direct two television commercials, and I'm really wishing you were here :) (I'm jealous of my assistant, because she gets to do all of the logistical organizational stuff! haha!) I like the corporate video and documentary style stuff better, because it's really more writing/producing than directing talent and shot listing and trying to figure out how it should all work!

:) Life was easier whan I was kissing ducks in nicer-than-we'd-like-trailor-homes with once-nice-but-now-burnt carpets.....

Have a fabulous day at school with your wonderfully experienced professors! (still so jealous!)

:) Tammy.

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Hmm. This comment will be relatively short because Peter is trying to destroy our Gamecube...

But I am BACK!!! I've been away (out of town, with my parents, just away from the computer)... but I am going to be a better blogger and blog friend and read yours faithfully, of course. Wow. This was a long comment... but Peter paused in his destruction... oh there he goes again... bye!