Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Gentleman

We are Nursery Leaders in our ward, Sunday was our first day. Reuben didn't even notice we were in there. He loves to hug... which isn't very good when the other kids aren't ready for it.

Here he is in 2T... crazy isn't it?!

Post Script:


  • They called both Justin and I, which I love, because then I don't ever have to sit alone at church.
  • There are three other couples besides us (two of the couples are as new as us). They want to have us rotate so that we don't completely miss out on RS and SS, but I think I would rather just be there every week so the kids know who was going to be there. Because, like Jessica, I do enjoy having a reason to miss those classes.
  • We get to see Reuben play with other kids, and try to get his hugging under control so unsuspecting little girls aren't knocked over all the time.
  • We get to be inspired as to what children Reuben's age need and enjoy.
  • People have to work harder to see us at church so we only have to talk to the people who actually want to be our friends, or we found on the subway. (Did that sound too mean? It wasn't supposed to sound that mean.)
  • We get to meet the parents of the other children Reub's age.

  • There are a few cryers in the group of a million.
  • We don't hear a lot of the announcements.
  • We all need a nap when we get home from church.
  • It makes me wish I could do fun stuff with Reuben all the time, like go to play group, and the park, and sing and dance all day.


The Jones :) said...

They must make church clothes small?? Cuz Klous wears like 18 months I think?!?! He looks very handsome, and like such a little man!! Have fun in the nursery!!!
-Becki :)

Tammy said...

Brecken & Justin - Nursery?! I'm sooooo sorry! You need to remember though, that the church is still true, no matter how terrible this calling may seem!
:) Haha! Maybe you don't mind nursery...
Mostly, I'm just sad that you miss out on RSociety Brecken - I'm sure it would be nice for you to have the 'grown up interaction'. But I do believe it's where you should be if that's where you've been called :)and maybe you'll even enjoy it!
I think Reuben looks very cute in his little grownup man costume :)

xo Tammy

Lark said...

I was once sure that I need RS to get through the week. My husband had lost his job, my father had found out about his bone cancer and I was recovering from complications after child birth. I was called to the nursery with 30 children on the roll and more than 15 there each week. I had a toddler and a nursing baby with me. And no one else to help, only an occasional visit by a parent who would not stay. And you know what happened. All my personal and family needs were met. I was uplifted and blessed and I managed all those children with no problems. I gained a testimony of many things. One thing I know, when you are called that is the right place. And even if you can't yet imagine how you will be blessed it will happen.

I believe that little boy all dresses up in his Sunday Best will also be blessed by have you and J. in the nursery with him.

Tammy said...

Brecken - listen to your mum! (She has a better attitude than me and a lovely wealth of experience)

:) Thanks Sister Reasor!

xo Tammy

Jessica said...

Dude, I'd be thrilled for an excuse to miss RS and SS, but maybe I'm just apostate. Don't know that I'd have the patience for nursery though.

Kate Allgood Cowley said...

I'm so glad to have the Cook's in the nursery with us! It was out of control our first week! So glad we have some co-leaders with more experience! Jed and I were nursery leaders during our 1st year of marriage as well and we grew to love those kids so much! We're looking forward to the fun we can have in this nursery! Kids are cute!