Monday, October 22, 2007

Hand-made Pay it Forward

I've seen this little blogging game on several of the crafter/handmade enthusiast blogs that I check, then I saw it on a blog of someone I actually know, I had to jump in. I don't think I'll ever do the other chain blogging game, but this sounded like fun. And could maybe count as service which would give me some points. ;)

I will make something cool for three people who comment on this post. Those three people will then make something cool for three more people. You don't have to know me, but you do need a blog so you can pay it forward (PIF). Leave a comment on this post, then on Wednesday night at 9 pm NY time, I will randomly pick three people. Check back on Thursday to see if you are one of the three, and if you are the deal is: I have 365 days to make and send something cool to three people, and you get to PIF to three people (with 365 days to complete your task.) (You'll post something similar to this on your blog, and pay it forward to three people).

Leave a comment by Wednesday night to join in the fun. Then check back on Thursday to see who the lucky three are. (If you are international, it may be a small, light hand-made thing, so shipping isn't crazy, but I'll still do it.) Post away friends and lurkers!


The Jones :) said...

Pick my Phatty...I'm the first to comment!! :) I think this sounds like fun!!! I'll be checking again on Thursday!!!
-Becki :)

Talyn said...

Ummm... I don't think I know how to make cool things with my hands unless cookies count...Probably shouldn't pick me.

Tammy said...

I would beg you to pick me, but I don't have a blog :(
And actually, I don't really have time for one - I spend all my 'blog time' writting on your blog :D
Sounds like a fun game though - have fun!

PS. I love your hand made crafty things! Let's play a different game where you send me one anyway, and I write a cool 'thankyou poem' on your blog?! What do you think?! :D :D :D

xo Tammy

Jennsie said...

Little comment on Tammy's behalf, it is also her birthday next week. That's another reason to pick her. :)

Brecken, I just love your photos. Have you taken photography classes or do you just have a good eye. Your picture of Ruben sitting on the step is fantastic. Also sorry if you have been checking my blog and not seen any postings. I've been busy studying for exams. I'll let you know when I'm posting again. :)