Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Tammy "shout out"

My other dear-friend-roommate--who lived with me from the summer of 2001 until she graduated and I got married (Dec 2003) with only one(?) summer off--wrote a birthday tribute to Tammy. It made me laugh, it made Justin ask what was so funny, and then it made him laugh.

I was going to post a quote from Jessica, as a present to Tammy, but the book is in Reuben's room and he is asleep, so she is safe for now. And I could post a quote from myself, but I'll leave that for Jessica's tribute to me which will happen sometime, I'm sure. She will pick better quotes that I would.

I have one more thing to say about Tammy... I miss being able to take a Saturday and spend it with Tammy. Justin was always so jealous of those girls days, but they were always what I needed. Anyone who has Tammy in their life is a very lucky person, and they are even luckier if she is within 2 or 3 timezones.

Tammy gave me a birthday card once with jolly looking old ladies on the front, and on the inside it said, "My pool boys thinks I'm hot." I can wait to be one of those jolly looking old ladies with Tammy, but when it does happen it will be fun. And, if the jolly old she or I ever have a pool boy, we'll say that even if he doesn't think we are hot.

happy birthday tammy. love, breck can cook.


Jessica said...

Gee...what a shame that you couldn't get to any of my brilliant quotes (not that I ever said anything stupid, but people might misinterpret my geniousness)

Tammy said...

Thank you Becken! And I agree that the timezone thing is a pain in the neck! I loved those Saturdays too :)

I loved that card too :) One woman says 'My pool boy thinks I'm hot' and other old lady says 'You are hot. That pool boy is correct' :) I gave you that card because you are a good enough friend that I know I can count on you to lie to me when I'm old and disillusioned :)

And, before I finish this post, I just wanted to mention that I think it's lovely you've only looked at the positives of sharing a room with me, because heaven knows you could have started your post "From the moment Tammy moved in, I got 2 hours less sleep every night".... :)

xo lots of love!

PS. The quotes made me laugh too :)