Friday, August 24, 2007

Tom's Delicious Pizza

We were pooped last night, so we decided it was time to order some pizza. Justin ordered TWO large pizzas (He said for left overs, but I think it was so he could see how large a large was, and so he could try two different kinds of pie.)

He got an everything pizza with broccoli, spinach, roast beef, pepperoni, tomato, mushroom, and grilled onions. He also got a Hawaiian Pie.

Let me tell you, a large is LARGE! and the pieces are LARGE, and the crust may be New York thin, but they made up for it with huge amounts of toppings! I had never seen such a loaded Hawaiian before... there must have been two pineapples on that thing. It was delicious, I guess that is why they have "delicious" in the name. Unless we find a better place, you might need to try Tom's Delicious Pizza when you come to visit. Its on Broadway between La Salle and Tiemann Pl. (which I thought was Time and Place like Hollywood and Vine, and I couldn't figure out why wt was Time and Place at every intersection Justin pointed to and said, "thats Time and Place.")

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