Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunny Day, Everythings A-okay

This morning we decided to go clean the church. We figured doing some service would do us some good, and it might give us a chance to meet some people. On our way out we ran into our upstairs Mormon nieghbors. Their three year old son announced to us that they were going to the park. Justin said, we are going to clean the church. I think they modified their plans and went to the church as well.

This was my first trip on the subway. 125th st stop to 66 st stop. It was no where near the way I imagined it. This seems to be a common theme, nothing of New York seems to be the way I imagined it. I think if I were alone with Reuben it would have been different, but in a group (including my husband) there isn't really much to write about.

After we cleaned the church, walked over to central park. We found a huge playground, and Reuben and the two upstairs mormon neighbor boys. It gave me a chance to chat with our new neighbors (we are the new ones I guess.) While we were there I noticed that not only do I belong to the Mormon community, but a Mother community as well. Reuben is very friendly, and has always gone up to other children, in Utah, the other mothers would usually try to protect their child from him. (He wasn't doing anything other than standing close, and handing things to the other child.) Here, the other mothers would start talking to him, and including them in the play.

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Tammy said...

Brecken, I'm so happy for you! You're become a 'community person' :) (Which reminds me, did you ever see the monty python skit about the community of hermits? It's classic :) Ask Justin!). I love reading your blog and feeling a part of your lives - one day I'll write you an actual 'email' so you can 'talk back' :)
It sounds like you're settling in really well, and I'm so happy about that.
love you all heaps!
PS. Abby get engaged on the weekend...