Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank You Man at the Cheese Counter

We went to the Fairway today. It is a nice little walk into Harlem. Reuben was doing just fine while Justin and I took in the foriegn nature of this market. I was waiting for Justin who was waiting at the deli counter. I was intrigued, okay staring, at the huge pile of cheese wheels. (I haven't even seen that much cheese in Wisconsin.) Then Reuben started to scream. He wanted out of the stroller. The man behind the cheese counter started talking to him. "Hey, Buddy." He would say in a thick african accent. (African as in from Africa.) Then after Reuben did not stop screaming he asked me if buddy liked cheese. I said, "yes." And he said, "I'm gunna give him some cheese." in a thick african accent.

He cut a slice of white cheese, came out from behind the mountain of cheese, and handed it to "buddy," who promptly stopped screaming. I wanted to try a bite of the cheese, but I let Reuben enjoy it.

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The Jones :) said...

Wow...there are nice people there for you!! And now you have a new nickname for Reuben...or should I say "buddy" :)
-Becki :)