Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Haven

So here we sit--I like to say in "the lounge"--with our entertainment, creative corners and queen high-rise bed. It is different and definitely unlike any place else I have lived (the apartment--the city I would argue reminds me of Sao Paulo at many turns--the smells, the antiquity--the constant movement--but so much is not the same, the country for example)--and yet we could be anywhere with our familiar items, whether purchased or inherited--they have become a part of our respective identifiers...the city is out there--and we, us, our haven, our new haven--is enshrouding us with a comfort perhaps not quite expected. No--I am not attending Yale--but the tumult and perpetual adrenaline that seem to fuel this place to which we have come do not interrupt this quiet life we call our family. And I love falling asleep to cheesy BBC mysteries and Monty Python's Flying Circus...hence the lounge--it covers more area :)

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Tammy said...

Have I mentioned yet, just how jealous I am of your life?


I'm glad you made it there safely justin - the truck thing was scaring me a little!