Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Charmed Life, or Moving Day from Hockey Sticks, or You Should See the Other Guy

On Monday morning I woke up at 6:30. I was planning on waking up at 7. This half hour may not seem to be the sign that the day was just going to go badly, until you realize that I had not slept for than a hour a night for the past six nights, and I hadn't fallen asleep until 4 am.

I finished up packing our last minute items, Reuben was, thankfully, sleeping on our bed (not on top of our blankets and pillows. Justin took apart the crib, and finished in time to go get the moving truck. He came home with the truck, I grabbed the baby and I ran to walmart in springville to pick up some rope. Reuben slept all the way to springville, and was pretty delirious at the store. It took me longer than I expected to find the rope, so because I was already running so late I figured I would do our other shopping that needed to be done that day. This caused me to miss breakfast, so instead of Justin's favorite fastfood I had to get him a hamburger for breakfast.

The house was unloaded by the time I got home, thanks to some very kind souls from our ward, and the truck was in the process of being packed. Justin ate while I tried to fit things in the holes. Of all the kind souls that came to help, there did not seem to be a tetris champ. It was hot. Too hot... the boxes that had been sitting out in the sun burned your hands... okay, maybe not burned. We got the truck packed, and in our allotted space, and we went inside to get a drink of water and start cleaning. I was too dizzy to start cleaning right away, and had to work very hard to tell myself I could start ever. We sent Reuben to our friend's house, so we had time to do those things Reuben doesn't like us to do; like vacuum, sweep, mop, wash bathrooms, clean fridges. So we had the perfect window to do this work in, when Justin realizes we used all of the rope I had previously bought, and that the truck rental place did not have pad lock for the truck. And we had to take the truck over to Jed so they could load their stuff.

It is a 24 foot truck. We decided that even if trying to turn it around in the back parking lot of our house was going to be difficult it wouldn't be as difficult as trying to back out, onto 3rd south. I was very good at the waving and stopping, and justin was very good at the watching and stopping... until we realized the truck couldn't round the corner of the house. As I was watching the truck and the cars parked in the spaces, and justin was watching me, no one was watching the house, more specifically the rain gutter. As justin turned to go forward I looked up and realized our flaw. It was unavoidable, the massive truck crushed the rain gutter.
Other than the carpet, the rain gutter is the only thing we left in that apartment looking worse. So, we feel bad, but not too bad, the rain gutters leaked anyway. Mostly we just felt stupid (and tired, and hot, and stressed). Justin made it onto the street and drove off to get the truck to Jed.
I got in our car to run to Wally world (as it would probably be the last time I ever go to a walmart, at least until the convenience out weighs any moral ideals I have, again.) I found the rope without a problem, but had a harder time with the lock. I finally found them by the door knobs (who would have thought), and then had to figure out which one to buy. I felt like I was in such a hurry I even did self check out. Which is another thing I am morally opposed to but take advantage of when convenience dictates. I got on the freeway and a semi passes me, kicking up a huge rock. I saw it flying towards me, and I thought, "holy, that is going to break my windsheild" when THUNK!, it hit the metal frame around the windshield. I said a praying of thanks. "Thank you for allowing my windshield to stay in one piece so that we can sell this car without any extra hassle." I picked up Justin, and we headed to our empty home to do our cleaning. Our cleaning went great, it was rather easy... because my parents were there to help us. My dad fixed the vacuum from upstairs, as my mom cleaned other things. (Why the boys upstairs tried to vacuum the back lawn I do not know.) We cleaned everything but part of the fridge when we realized the post office was going to close and that Justin had the key to the truck in his pocket.

We went to pick up Reuben, who was happy to see us, and sweet as always. I then drove us over to Jed's so Justin could jump out and hand off the key. Justin got back in the car, and I backed up so I could pull into the line of traffic. I switched into drive, and pulled into the road, and CRASHSCRAPE! It was us and a black carolla. Justin got out and talked to the other driver. He gave us insurance information, but when Justin mentioned calling the police, the other driver said he did not want to talk to the police because he did not have a drivers license. Justin said that would be fine they would let him bring it into show them, he said he did not have a drivers licence. Justin called the police and then said, "It is up to you, you can stay or go." He left. It must have been a rough day in Provo because an officer wasn't available for almost an hour. But he was very nice, and understanding. He said, "well, since the other driver left he will be given a hit and run." which meant, "Brecken, you probably shouldn't drive when you have pounding headache because you don't see things the way they really are, and you are lucky this guy was afraid of the police because he just saved you a citation, the fees that go with a citation, and that on your record." The poor guy is being charged with a hit and run, when all he did was the running.

We missed our check out, luckily my parents were able to go and do that. And after a phone call we got everything straightened out. (she thought we hadn't paid august rent, when we had, and she thought she didn't give us 10 key that looked exactly the same for four different locks.) She did thank us for cleaning the apartment so well. (Which we did, when we moved the fridge we found a Tie-Bo tape cover, which I would never own as I am morally against it.)

We saw Jordan and Courtlin for a minute before they had to go to their ward FHE, said our goodbyes. I got a fathers blessing, and Justin was given a blessing to aid in his safe travel. Reuben left with Mom and Dad for the hotel in Salt Lake. Justin and I ate our last two lean cuisine's and J&C's, and Justin drove us over to the Parkin's home, where he was going to stay the night. After a short FHE with them about replacing "nasty" words with good words, I said good bye to my husband, as I will not see him for a week and a day.

Now for the conclusion: I cannot think of a worse day that has happened in my life. I have had bad days, but it has only ever been one big thing that made it bad. I had a charmed childhood, and a charmed life in general. At least the windshield is still intact. I am going to start saying "what the french...toast" and "hockey sticks" when I want to say nasty words. And at least it was a choice to move, if this poor person I hit gets deported on account of he gave us all his information so they could track him down I will feel pretty bad, cause my day was the worst in my remembrance, but probably not as bad as that day will be for him.


The Jones :) said...

Holy Crap Phatty...that's terrible...I'm glad that day is over. I hope that Justin is off on his way...and hope you're doing alright!!! We'll miss you TONS and love you lots!!! Keep in touch!!
Love you LOTS
The JONES :)

Jessica said...

Yikes! I'm sorry. Remember when I backed into that car when I was moving out of our apartment in Provo? And we had some disasters with our moving truck when I moved back from CA (specifically, my parents ran out of gas on the highway because the gas gauge was broken, and the key broke off in the lock).

My personal favorite fake swear word is "cheese and crackers". That's what my grandpa says. You have to say it as "cheeeeeeese and crackers".

Anyway, hope things start going better. E-mail me your new phone #s and address, etc.

My mom and I booked plane tickets to NY from Sep 20-25, so we'll be seeing you then.

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Sad! I hope the move goes better... are you there yet?

Tammy said...


Did I tell you about the day I ran my brother's car into an ambulance? Yeah, that was bad :( (especially since it was only a few months ago, and it cost me $1,000).
I'm all sad for you leaving provo, and I'm excited for you, and I'm nervous for you, and I have a headache and a stomache olcer from stress for you. I love you so much and hope you all stay safe.
Moves (well, change in general) can really suck, but hang in there - one day you'll be leaving NYC, and will probably be really sad that you have to leave such a wonderful place where you've been so happy and had so many wonderful friends.
Life's funny!
I'll be praying for you and your little family,
talk to you soon! Tammy.