Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving, Baby.

Poor Reuben had a very hard week. His regular schedule was destroyed by our moving plans. On Monday, we woke up early, and we put him in our bed so we could take apart his bed. He slept until 9:30 when I took him to the store. And that was only the beginning of the forcing Reuben to sleep in places other than his bed week.

We are in Minnesota now, and it seems to be a happy place for him. He did surprisingly well in the car for two and half days. But I did get this great picture of one of the times he had had enough.

It was his first time in North Dakota, He wasn't too impressed. He did however love to look at the lakes when we got to Minnesota. He would point and say something that seemed to be "look." ( I didn't get any footage of that because my batteries were dead.)

A picture of Montana (you should be able to tell from the big sky.) Idaho and Western Montana where very smokey, but we didn't see any flames, only smolders. We didn't see mountains unless we were in them. Its interesting that something as destructive as a fire can produce something (smoke) that can make mountains disappear. It made me think of how destructive things in our life can make the other mountains we have to climb disappear. Its easy to get lost when you can't see where you are really supposed to be, or going.

A sunset in Glendive. We stopped at my families favorite restaurant, which I have never been too. My family started a few traditions since I have been away from home. CC's is one of them, Goofy Hat Day is another.
This is the view from Beach, ND. We stayed at the Buck Board Inn, and used the town's wifi... yeah, the town had wifi. My batteries died shortly after this picture was taken.

Justin did not have any complaints about Wyoming, He got mosquito bites in Nebraska. Iowa stank, Illinois was a fine place to stay, Indiana had expensive tolls, Ohio was BORING, and Pennsylvania was the most beautiful place he has ever been. (Rolling hills, trees, lakes, and cute houses.) Today they have 96 miles to go through New Jersey, and the dreaded driving a 24 foot moving truck into New York City. They sign contracts at 11, and hopefully someone can help them unload the truck. I am a little nervous for them, but they are lucky cause they get to see the apartments before the wives do.


Anonymous said...

Brecken -

Is Justin around New York? I've been trying to reach him all morning to help them unpack the truck, but it just goes to voicemail. Please call me or have him call me if you see this. I only have his number (not yours), so we're kind of stuck waiting to know what's going on....

Jeff Tate

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Poor Reub! You are brave for taking him with you for the journey! I didn't dare... and ended up with a ten hour layover. Arrgh!

Hope everything continues to go well.