Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The growing (up) family

Isn't it interesting how yesterday we were wrestling on the foam mattress in the basement? How we were little girls making up dances in the living room to put on a show for mom and dad? How our biggest worry was who was mean to us or our sister. How Courtlin couldn't sleep in her own bed, and would crawl in with me so she wouldn't have to wake up mom and dad. How Talyn thought my friends didn't like her, and I thought Talyn didn't like me.

It seems like it was just one really long day ago, not years and years. I remember those times when I knew it was time too grow up(getting to college, marrying Justin, graduating and getting a full-time job, having Reuben and a full-time job, etc.) And I think I have done an okay job at meeting those grown-up needs. I didn't, however, feel grown-up. I feel tired, and stressed, but I think I could make up a dance with with my sisters, if they would do it with me.
How did my parents become grandparents? They don't quilt, or garden, or play chess, or pick berries. (well they might pick berries, but not a 6am every Saturday.)

How did my baby become the old one? It is so weird that he was a baby until I saw Alena on Monday, and then he was a little boy. He isn't a big boy by any means, but he isn't a tiny helpless little blob. He can reach almost anything he wants, and if he can't reach, he will find a way. And he can say "Baby" cause he knows that he isn't anymore.
And isn't it weird that Ian didn't make me think Reuben wasn't a baby. Maybe it made Justin think that, but I just thought Reuben is in between Andrew and Ian, not three, and not 9 months.
I wonder why i didn't feel old until my sister had a baby.


The Jones :) said...

Cute post Phatty...Exactly what I mean about all of us getting old. And our parents even older...even though they don't act like grandma's & grandpa' least not like the "old" ones!!
-Becki :)

Jessica said...

There's just something about watching people you love grow up to make you feel older. I never felt old until my sister got married--I mean, she's my little sister. Craziness! It will just be really weird when she starts having kids.