Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Driver's License

When Reuben hid my wallet I went and got a new license so I could fly home for Christmas. Well, without a wallet to put it, I had been keeping it in a small pocket in the diaper bag. IT IS NOT THERE ANYMORE!

But, I still have the temporary license from when I got the new license in November, they counted that as a valid ID last time I flew, do you think it will still count? I don't want to have to spend 10 dollars to get a license that will only be good for 60 days because we will need to get new licenses in New York... wait! do I need to give them my Utah license so they won't make me take a test?

I hope this hiding stuff phase passes quickly. So we don't have to move to find all our stuff!

Here is another picture of Alena to make my right eye stop twitching...

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The Jones :) said...

Yikes...I don't look forward to that hiding phase...that can't be any fun!!! Good luck with that...and don't know if it'll still work?? Ryan & I still have our MN licenses?? So??? Not supposed to I'm sure...but we do!!! Their baby is too cute...are your parents on their way out??
-Becki :)