Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We finished.

I would like to announce that I only slept through 20 pages of the last Harry Potter book. (which happens to be the amount that I actually read in all of the other books combined.)

I did take a few turns reading in this book, but mostly it was just Justin reading while I worked.

I won't say anything right now about my predictions, although I really want to.


Tammy said...

I decided that I should read books five and six before I read seven, so I ready five on Thursday and Friday, six on Saturday, and then started book seven on Saturday night (after mum had read it on saturday day). I finished in on Sunday night, and really really loved it. I'm now sunk low in post-harry despair..... *sob*
So I'm thinking I must be one of those 'loved ones who get into it' that you were refering too!

Jessica said...

Yeah, Brecken's death count was closer to the truth than mine. Don't know where I heard that only two people died, but I swear I had read that somewhere. Alas, I seem to have been sadly misinformed. I thought it was a satisfying ending though, and she managed to tie up more loose ends than I expected.