Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'll be 87 in a few days, and I've learned you can say "no."

I was thinking today of the things Grandma said during our visit, and thought I'd just include them here:
I was looking out the window of the beauty shop I worked at and a boy walked out and stood by a ford car and started to laugh. I thought he looked familiar. There was an insane asylum that the boys from English would go to get jobs. So I called up there and asked if there was a Reasor there. They said, "which one do you want?" I think Lloyd was the first one, but once there was Lee there was no more Lloyd. They had to have seen me before. They went into town to watch the girls, and all there was for us to do was walk the two blocks of English. I got a good one. I look forward to eternity with him and I'm not worried because he promised he'd come down and get me. So that's what I'm doing-waiting for eternity.
The first time I went to New York City Sandi was a baby and had a cute little bonnett with a hard bill. Sandi turned and knocked my glasses off. They broke, so I was blind in New York. I am so scared when I think of you going there.
There was a station outside of Caribu that Lee would come through when he was coming home. There were times when I would go there and wait for weeks.
On one of those big days--D day or something--I was driving to Kentucky from Conneticut with a girl friend to visit family. I did some pretty dangerous things alone in those days.Things I wouldn't want my girls to have to do. You can always do what you have to do.
He finally convinced me to pay tithing. Then we moved and the check bounced, the church never came after us.
Talyn's baby will be number 41. (the 41st great grand child)

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Caribu, Maine?

We really enjoyed this post.