Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Switching Over

I've been posting things at http://360.yahoo.com/breckenandjustin for almost two years, but as I look at other people's blogs I see that I'm missing out on a few wiz bang effects that I could have if I used a different Blogging thing. Because Talyn, and Dad, and Becki, and Jocelyn, and Jessica, all have Blogger blogs I'd thought I would join the ranks.

And also, Rodger Sorenson (the head of the TMA program...justin would know his real title) told justin to tell me about www.scrapblog.com because I was at my scrapbooking group and justin had reub. And even though I don't think I will continue using it beyond my experiments last night, I wanted to share what I made... and they would let me do it on blogger. And once I figure out how to add video to google videos this would be a good way to share our adventures without filling up friends and family's inboxes.

So, thank you http://360.yahoo.com. But I'm moving.

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