Thursday, February 8, 2007

Middle of the Night and Lonely

Its funny, we finally got Reuben to sleep in his own crib through the whole night (which he hadn't done since his first tooth) and now I have the bed to myself because Justin is in Chicago, and I can't sleep. I miss Reuben's feet digging into my ribs, funny how babies do it inside and outside of the womb.

We aren't moving to Texas. I am kind of relieved, and kind of sad. On the one hand it was a cheaper place to live, on the other had it was Texas. And from the pictures Justin took of his visit there the downtown was a little not my style. But then again not everywhere can be resort-town cute.

Now it is down to NCT (Denver), Yale, NYU (for theater), and Columbia, Northwestern, Columbia College, and Chapman (for film). Columbia College said they would be having interviews, and would have the interview decision in early March. Northwestern will send a yes or no in the first week of March. Chapman just barely had the deadline for application so we have no clue about them.

Its hard to not be terrified of your future if you cannot plan for it in the least. I want to know where we are going to live, how poor we are going to be, what Justin is going to be when he grows up, how much longer I need to split my time up, etc. I hope I have enough time to get used to the idea of moving to where we will be going; because, its hard to believe myself when I say we are going to live in New Yoranchicaver Haven.

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