Saturday, May 19, 2007

The first trip to the park

Last Saturday we decided to go to the park, because Reuben stood at the door and did his squeak which means "I-want-you-to-do-something-for-me-right-now!" and more specifically means, "hey-open-this-door-guys-I-am-sick-of-being-inside."

(To the left: Reuben doing his squeak for some reason. )

So we went to Kawanis park because it was on the way to where we were going. Anyone who went to BYU will know Kawanis park... its where people go to play frisbee, and there seems to always be a ward activity going on there, or some kind of birthday party. Well, there was nobody at the play ground because only college kids go to Kawanis park. So Reuben had a blast running around. He used the stairs once, but once we took of his shoes he climbed up the slide.

He liked to find buttons to push, and look me and Justin straight in the eye... we were on the ground and he was up on the platform. He sometimes acts like he is afraid of heights, and then he forgets he is.

Then because he is Eco-conscious he picked up garbage and brought it to me. So we had to walk all the way across the park to find a garbage can. Because once it is in my hand I can't litter.

On the way back to the playground he found some pine cones, because he had picked up all the garbage and could finally see the nature. He tried to eat them. (I was glad he hadn't tried to eat the rotten carrots in the ziplock bag he found.)

He liked going up to people and trying to make their acquaintance, he is his father's son. Most of the kids he approached were a little scared of him, and wouldn't take the rock, wood chip, or whatever he was trying to hand them. I was very proud of my friendly little boy, and just hope that he will be this friendly when he finds out that people don't usually give back the rock, wood chip, or whatever he tries to hand them.

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JoJo &/or Bob said...

We need to hang out before you head off to NYC and we head off to D.C.!!! I haven't seen you in forever and Reub is HUGE!