Wednesday, May 16, 2007

doctors and nurses

When I was having problems with my Ob Gyn my comfort was, at least I love the nurses. Now, after a lot of pain I am going to a chiropractor. I love the doctor but the other staff is crazy! I went to a spinal health meeting last night and realized that I was hustled into giving them my move-to-New-York money.

They showed me x-rays of my spine, my neck curves the wrong way, my hips are tipped wrong which makes my spine not straight were it needs to be and so my discs in my lower back are wearing wrong. She made it sound like we could fix all that stuff... but after last night I really think I was hustled.

Turns out only 10% of American necks curve the right way. And they can't do anything other than relieve pressure on my discs because of my slight scoliosis. and you know what I think... I think the next pregnancy is going to screw anything good they did to me up.

But, if it can stop the headaches, and if I never feel pain like that again in my neck I guess its worth it... I just wish we had any money. We had money, but then I gave it all to the chiropractor.

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JoJo &/or Bob said...

I wish we had money, too! I hope your headaches get better!