Saturday, July 15, 2006

What a Film Schedule Will Lead To.

(Jordan and Amanda (girls on the right) being extras with Kirby)

My husband is a very talented man, but I miss him when he is out being talented. Just to give you an idea of why I am tempted never to support another movie again let me show you his schedule:

Sunday: He got home at 4:30 am. Spent about an hour on phone calls in the evening for work
Monday: 2 hours of phone calls in the morning, left for work 2 pm
Tuesday: Got home 4 am, slept until 11 , only 1 hour of phone calls, left at 2 pm
Wednesday: Got home 4 am slept until 11, I don't remember phone calls, left at 2 pm
Thursdays: Got home 5:00 am, slept until 11, 2 hours of phone calls, left at 2 pm
Friday: Got home 5:30 am, slept until 12, 1 hour of phone calls, left at 2 pm
Saturday: Got home 4 am, slept until 11:30, watched a movie (it was Saturday after all), left at 2:20 pm... he is supposed to be home around 11.

So if you subtract sleeping time and phone call time I got to see my husband for 25 hours this week. Now you have to remember that I know what its like to be gone for 10 or more hours a day working. I have done it. But I had no idea what it was going to be gone 12-14 hours day... those extra hours really add up quickly and seem larger than they should.

I'm an insomniac again. Its amazing how quickly that comes upon you. I thought it was bad when I was in school... its 1,000s times worse with a baby!

After talking it over with Justin, I bought a ticket to Minnesota. We'll save money on the electric bill because no one will be home to need the air conditioning. We'll save money on food because the production feeds Justin three meals a day. Justin can do his work and not feel guilty about leaving me home alone all the time, and I'll be gone so I won't be so sad that Justin is gone.

So, I'll leave my air conditioned apartment, and go to Minnesota (where with all this global warming might need air conditioning now.)

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