Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 4th

Last year was our first trip to see the hot air balloons on the morning of the 4th. (Remember Justin took that great picture.)

This time Justin needed to sleep, so I had the company of Reuben, Courtlin, and Jordan. Due to some not-wanting-to-wake-up-at-the-break-of-dawn we got stuck in a parking lot while all the balloons lifted off without us at the field. But we went back to the field and got to see the end of the race. They had to throw a bean bag, and pop a balloon... not like battle of the balloons, it was a car dealership huge balloon floating in a circle around the bean bag target.

I don't know that Reuben was particularly interested in the balloons... he is more into shoes, and grass, and cell phones right now.

I realized tonight that even though I hate all those cheesy country songs about how America is the best place in the world, and all the other places don't deserve a cheesy country song, that I do appreciate the freedom we have here. Joe has the freedom to "appreciate" Norm Coleman. I have the freedom to think that the government should worry more about the citizens of their country instead of trying to dictate democracy. And Talyn has the right to listen to talk radio.

We need to protect that right, the right we have as humans to pursue happiness, even if it means that rude men get to have their own talk shows, that Jehovah's witnesses (and Mormons) knock on the door and take your precious time, and anything else that people choose to do (or not do) to further the goodness of the human condition.

Its 2 am... Justin is not home...he called, and said that the actors were wrapped... but they were still going. If Justin is, by some chance, still going to want to do this after this month I am going to try to convince him that he needs to join the union so he only has to work 5 12 hour days and 1 10 hour day a week.

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