Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Social Gilligan-er, Not getting tickets, and Sulus

I've decided that Gilligan's Island is one of those shows you have to watch at 3 am when you are 14 to think it's funny. Justin decided it is really corny, but still quality entertainment. As long as I have a a comfortable seat I will continue to watch it, for the social value. Does that make me a Social Gilligan-er?

Allison Kraus is playing at Deer Valley tonight, but we can't get tickets. SHE IS NOT COUNTRY. She is blue grass fused with blues. Also the tickets would be for the ground, and 28 dollars a piece. I can't wait until I am rich, and can buy things without the impulse shopping factor.

I owe Talyn 25 Fijian dollars for 5 sulus. She said if I didn't want to spend that much she would be happy to keep one. I don't know how much that is. Justin says sulus will be great for when the blob gets bigger, which it is slowly doing, because Fijian women are large just like me.

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