Monday, August 1, 2005

Wedding Prep, The Blob, and Other Updates

I have one week to finish the guest book for Talyn's Wedding. Justin is helping Kevin move into the apartment (I think Talyn did this the right way... be out of the country so she doesn't have to help with invitations or moving.)

We changed bedrooms... okay not we... Justin changed the bedrooms. I like it a lot, and my bug to move has been satisfied. The only problem is we left all our cloths in the other bedroom so I have to go in two rooms when I'm getting ready for bed because the dirty clothes are in our bedroom and not the clothes room.

The blob is moving, its a really weird feeling. I'm glad I've never seen that movie where the aliens get in the human bodies and then move inside of them, directed by Ridley Scott. In 22 days we'll get to see that the blob isn't really a blob anymore and just an alien baby thing.

I got my birthday present early... an ice cream maker and two ice cream recipe books. I'm really excited I just need to stop spending money on the dumb car so I can get some cream and fruit.

One week of work. Then its off to Minnesota, where we'll find out if I have just been making up the fact that I like humid hot better than dry hot.

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