Thursday, August 18, 2005

No More Raise, but things to look forward to.

Bad news is called when you get a raise, but they change your benefits package which means you have to pay a percentage of your health insurance when your employer used to pay all of it, so they take away the 4 extra dollars you'd be making a day... plus some.

And they take away 6 of your sick days that you were saving for January when you were going to be sick because you just had a baby. And they think they made that up by saying you only had to be "disabled" for 15 days rather than 30 days to get your STD. OK, not that dramatic... Short Term Disability. That is not making it up, sick days are 100% of your regular pay, and STD is 60%. But if I could convince my doctor to sign the papers for more than 6 weeks of maternity leave I could be gone for 11 weeks. But I don't know if my doctor would do that for me.

Good news is Justin is still going to graduate in April, and I am still going to have my last day the day before he graduates. I won't start a count down yet... I'll get a baby before I start that count down.

THE COUNTDOWN FOR THE BABY... 20 weeks exactly today... I'm half way pregnant today!

We'll be changing the name of the blob on Monday... so I better use it some more before I don't get to anymore. The blob is getting bigger, so I am too. I had a dream the the blob did something funny. Okay, I really didn't have a dream, but I don't refer to the blob very often, its pretty low maintenance right now.

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