Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just like that, my baby is four.

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Simeon has been patiently waiting for his birthday. That's what you get when your birthday is 4 days after your mom's. When it finally arrived he really milked it. We opened presents early in the morning with some blueberry pancakes and eggs. He carefully peeled each piece of tape off, so as to not rip the paper. The breakfast was getting so cold that I finally had to ask him to just rip the paper, even then it was precise.

Then it was off to school and work with Reuben and Daddy... and Simeon and I. We went to the children's museum to teach our music class. I had the class sing happy birthday, Simeon ate it up. He told everyone who looked at him that he was four, and it was his birthday today.

We then went to a special birthday lunch date. I asked him where he wanted to go, he was addemently requested Wendy's. I tried to sway him, but Wendy's kids meals get a frosty, and a toy. And none of the other places do that, not even chick-fil-a.

Then it was off for a hair cut. He loved being treated royally, in an airplane barber chair, watching a tv, and having someone other than mom spraying water on his hair.

This child is amazing. He is caring, funny, sweet, aware, smart, and entertaining. He is my angel baby, and I can't believe he is four! He is resilient. He is wise. He still calms down as soon as I start singing "Angel's watching over me."

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Lark said...

Happy Birthday!

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh, I love him! :)

xo Tammy