Sunday, May 19, 2013

Primary Music: Minute to Win It

Works best for Senior Primary, and when the kids already know the song, but need to practice singing it.

Rules: The only person who doesn't have to sing is the person(s) doing the challenge, everyone else needs to sing, and if they don't we stop playing the challenges. If you want to cheer for the person(s) doing the challenges you do so by singing louder. The person doing the challenge needs to complete the challenge by the end of the verse.

The Challenges: I looked through the minute to win it website and found the games that were going to require concentration (meaning they would be quiet). I gathered enough materials so that two children could do the challenges and the rest could sing. I tried to fit some more turns in on the last round, so had two kids playing one game and two kids playing another, but it got too chaotic. I put the games on strips of paper so we could draw at random what they would be playing.

Block Head
 Materials: Plastic plate 5 wooden blocks. (I used smaller than average blocks, you might have to use less blocks so the kids can reach the top block).

 Object: Balance 5 blocks on head. Place plate on head. Once you let go you can't touch the plate again. Stack 5 blocks, one on top of each other, on top of plate. Keep them balanced for the rest of the verse.

Blind Builders
Materials: 10 blocks. Blind fold.

Object: Stack 10 blocks while blind folded and have them stay staked for the rest of the verse.

You Are Nuts
 Materials: 5 nuts and a rod that the nuts can slide off of.

Object: Without touching the nuts Stack and balance each of the nuts one on top of the other. Stay balanced for the rest of the verse. 

Hang On
Materials: 5 hangers

Object: Hold first hanger in one hand, and hang the subsequent hangers one on the other, without letting the hooks go to the corner of the hangers. You can't touch an already hanging hanger, only pull it with the hanger you are adding.

Noodeling Around
Materials: Dry spaghetti, and Dry Penne posta

Object. Holding the spaghetti in your mouth, and not touch any pasta with your hands, pick up 6 penne pastas from the table by lacing them onto the dry spaghetti.

Why it Worked
It kept EVERYONE singing and engaged, especially because I payed more attention to the people singing than the challenges and picked the best participators for the next turn. And, we could sing the verses over and over without anyone really noticing or caring that it was so repetitive because the challenge kept changing. And the games required enough concentration that it the it was only distracting with the blocks fell. And, the set up was real easy so there wasn't any down time. 


Kay Jones said...

Looks to me like you are a super song leader for the primary. I wish we had someone like you, although our primary song leader does the best she can.

Tammy Lorna said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

I wonder if there's a version of that that would work for Scripture Mastery games.... LOL!

xo Tammy

Katie said...

This sounds so fun! I found your blog while searching for "minute to win it singing time." I will be trying it out this coming Sunday!