Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Reuben!

Old Fashioned Wedding 320Old Fashioned Wedding 325Old Fashioned Wedding 343Old Fashioned Wedding 353Old Fashioned Wedding 367 And, just like that my baby is seven! I made a german chocolate cake completely from scratch, and his comment was he was amazed that I could make a cake all by myself. I was happy he loved it. His big present was a scooter. We had gotten one for Simeon, and it was just so much better than the one Reuben had, so we got him a good scooter. Unfortunately his birthday is in January, and this winter is uncharacteristically snowy--and it is not melting.

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Tammy Lorna said...

I hate that I'm missing watching him grow up! I'll always be glad I was able to make it in to see you both on the day you became a mother though :) And it's wonderful that there are such a thing as blogs so i can be as involved as I am.

Love the last cake photo - I can really see such a wonderful mix of both you and Justin in his face :)

Happy birthday Reuben!

xo Tammy