Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favorite time of day

My favorite time of day is 7:30 am. That is when my boys crawl into my bed to cuddle. I get to be the nice parent, because Justin doesn't turn nice for about 20 minutes after being woken up. When I wake up too early I stay in bed and hope that my boys wake up soon so they will come lay by me and talk. The boys are getting big enough that four people don't really fit in the queen size bed, but those minutes where we are all smooshed together, warm and safe, are what makes being a parent worth it. That memory is what gets me through the hard days. I think "just this morning you were completely happy, and they were what you were happy about."

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Lark said...

Your mother loved that part too. She had a King size bed with 4 little girls and the mom and dad. It doesn't last long enough so love it now and remember it for ever.