Monday, November 26, 2012

The Grand Canyon

We decided to take the long way to New Mexico, since there really is no good way to get there, so to the Grand Canyon we went. The boys do great during car rides, especially now that we discovered Dramamine for Reuben's car sickness. While, I would never want to live near there, I found it beautiful. We drove along the south rim, and stopped at every view point. Simeon kept talking about "the fall-ins" and it wasn't until the swimming pool at the hotel that I realized he was calling the canyon the fall-ins. We only spent a day and half there, and didn't do any hiking, but it was perfect.


Lark said...

Those are really grand photos.

Sandy M. said...

I've been to all of those look-outs! I love the Grand Canyon so much! We were there in the wonderful cold and it was fabulous! Thank you Brecken :)