Friday, September 28, 2012

Potty Training

 Potty training, a dreaded task by most mothers, but I'm 2 for 2. I am convinced the trick is just wait until the week of their third birthday, it worked for both of my kids. With Reuben we tried of a week here and there starting at 2 and three quarters, but nothing stuck. Then the week of his third birthday we were visiting my parents, and my mom gave him a m&m every time he used the potty, and then no more diapers for him.

 With Simeon I didn't even push it. I kept waiting for him to show an interest, but he never did, then it was two weeks before his third birthday so we had a little talk. He couldn't wear diapers after he was three, so he needed to use the potty and wear underwear. He picked out some Thomas the train underwear, and that was that. He had a few accidents the first couple of days and would ask for a diaper (but then keep it dry). Then I started telling him no diapers and he tricked daddy into putting a diaper on him at bed time. Then it was three days before his birthday, and we had another talk. Since then we have been diaper free. It was that easy.

Our only problem is Simeon won't use the "robot potties." If it has an automatic flush we have to go somewhere else. He got scared to death when daddy took him to use the potty and it flushed three times  while he was sitting on it. I haven't been able to get him back on one if he can't find the lever to flush it.

And, he does wear his underwear backwards. He has his reasons.

 Now, I know lots of people struggle with potty training, and I don't mean to rub it in your face if you are one of those people, but I do mean to count my blessings. With Simeon, potty training was easier than weening him from the Binki (which is still a forbidden word in our house).


Mick said...

I don't think you should say "potty training" and "rub it in your face" in the same sentence.

Mick said...

Backwards underpants? That's where the good pictures are.

Talyn said...

I'm happy for you that you have no idea what struggling with potty training is. Congratulations, Simeon! Why do they put the good pictures on the back anyway?

Erika Hill said...

As someone who isn't a parent yet I don't know if I'm entitled to an opinion about this, but I am convinced that at least 75% of the difficulty that parents have potty training is just because they try too early and too forcefully. I do think it's true that some children would be difficult no matter when you try to potty train them, but I think most kids just need time to get to a place where you can (mostly) reason with them and explain why potty training matters. This timing seems perfect!

Lark said...

Four girls four times turning age two.

Becki said...

Wow!!! That is awesome Brecken!!! And just so you can put it on your calendar...Kyson will be 3 on December if you wouldn't mind coming to stay with me for a week...I'd LOVE it!!! He goes back and forth with wanting to and then not....ugh!!! Frustrating!!!!