Sunday, July 22, 2012

Minnesota: The Beach

One of Reuben's desires was to go to the beach while we were in Minnesota. The first couple of days did not seem like we would make it since it rained and rained and rained. But finally the storm passed and it was time to go to the beach. We maybe should have waited one more day, because it was still pretty cold, but the plus side was we had the beach to ourselves. Simeon went in the water with me for a while, but was much happier playing in the sand with grandpa. 2012_07_07 1972012_07_07 2242012_07_07 2202012_07_07 2192012_07_07 2172012_07_07 2102012_07_07 2072012_07_07 2042012_07_07 201IMG_0680IMG_0681IMG_0678IMG_0674

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