Friday, July 27, 2012


a 2012_07_21 320a 2012_07_21 2832012_07_21 1792012_07_21 1842012_07_21 240a 2012_07_21 256 I was amazed at how well these five got along. Reuben and Simeon sang to Elsie. And the four older kids slept in the same room, and the only problem was the two year olds were having too much fun, and keeping the older kids awake. They played well. They took turns. It was pretty shocking, I expected a few outbursts, or getting sick of each other. Maybe I was too worried about making sure everyone else was happy that I missed the kids not being happy, but I'm pretty sure they were happiest out of the bunch.

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Tammy Lorna said...

Such cute photos Brecken!

(And seriously, Simeon is growing up SOOO fast!!!)

Missing you...