Saturday, June 2, 2012

End of Year: Soccer

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Reuben's first year of soccer is over. He ended up really enjoying it, and actually participating. But, the best part was the medal. He didn't know it was coming, so the surprise was pretty exciting. He will tell you that it was his first medal ever, and he feels like he earned it.

Now, if you remember I was a little hesitant signing him up. I will admit that Justin ended up being more of a soccer dad, than I because a soccer mom. And, while I did think it was hard to have soccer practice go right up until bed time once a week, that was the only inconvenience. (Other than the fact that I missed half of the games because Saturday morning is when the stuff that reminds me I'm a person happens. Reuben didn't seem to mind.)

He's signed up for next year.

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