Monday, May 14, 2012

Reuben's Celebration of the Arts


 Reuben's school had a "Celebration of the Arts" which is code for "fund raiser." The school raises money so they can provide Art, Music, and Dance to all the kids in the school (rather than what the district provides money for). My friend was heading up the committee so somehow I ended up volunteering a bit for every aspect of the night. I'd do it again, and we met our goal. But I won't do it all again. Namely, the bake sale.

Ask anyone, I'm not very good at sharing my good stuff. Sure, I'll hand you a plate of cookies that didn't really turn out, or let you have a piece of cake mix cake. But, the real stuff, the stuff that tastes like love, I keep that for myself, and sharing sparingly, and only if I am sure you will enjoy it as much as me. It's some kind of disease I have.

 I made cake bites for the bake sale, and shouldn't have donated all of them. Cause, I don't care how good the cause is, I'm not buying back my own stuff. At least now I know my psychosis applies to bake sales as well as just being neighborly.

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