Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photo Foiled

The plan was to take a nice family photo with the tripod today. Earlier this week, the boys picked out matching new easter suits, I tried to persuade them that coordinating suits would be better, but no, they wanted to be exactly the same. Daddy wore his suit and shirt and tie that coordinated, and I wore my fancy dress that just so happened to coordinate as well.

It was going to be great.

But, instead, you don't get to look at our cute dressed up family and think, "boy those Cooks look nice." because Reuben had a bloody injury during sacrament meeting. He was crawling around under the pews. Justin and I both asked him to sit up, because he is too big to be doing that. And we continued to give him you-better-do-it looks, but he wouldn't. Then there was a scuffle between Reuben and Simeon, that resulted in blood flowing out of Reuben's head. (The hymnal holder, because Reuben is too big to be crawling around down there and bumped his head on the bottom of it.) Blood dripped down his face, and tie, and vest, and shirt, and pants, and daddy's tie, and my dress, and the carpet under the pew, and the bathroom floors.

It was all very exciting, and since it wasn't fatal, I can use it as ammunition to prevent Reuben from crawling around under the pews from now on.

Happy Easter.


Talyn said...

I'm mourning the photograph. I learned on a preschool field trip from a fireman that hydrogen peroxide gets blood out of clothes. I hope none of it was silk.

Nicole Jacobson said...

So sorry to hear that. We had a similar frustration today. All the kids looked cute in coordinating Sunday clothes. Then when I went to take a picture I couldn't find the camera. It's gone. We just got back from a trip to Oregon yesterday. Who knows where my camera and the last month of pictures is between Cannon Beach and home. Yes, tears have been shed over lost and missed pictures. Maybe you can try again next week depending on how the laundry turns out.

Tammy Lorna said...

LOL! Excellent. Now you have ammunition for not crawling under pews AND for not running along the edge of fountains!

I miss you, but hope you had a wonderful wonderful easter :)
xo Tammy