Monday, March 5, 2012

Spokane is far away.

My sisters and I drove to Spokane for my grandma's funeral. We drove all day sunday, with the high light of the trip being the hours we listened to my Raffi station on Pandora. It was really funny when "driving in a car car" had car horn sounds, and Courtlin jumped a little and looked around to find where they were coming from, and then it happened again.

The GPS was a little late telling us which lane we needed to be in so we had a little detour in Pasco Washington, and drove by little tiny abandoned streets called, Spokane, Superior, and then Salt Lake. It was weird.

We made it safely, with no real worries from weather, or mountain passes, which was a blessing. We only made two stops, and short ones at that. Mom and dad made it shortly after us, with only a few worries from weather and mountain passes.

This is my dad's "listening to Jordan face."
This is Courtlin's "checking facebook" face.
This is my mom's "making phone calls for Courtlin" face.
This is Jordan's "This salad is really good" face
This is my uncle's "I told an amusing story" face.

The next few days consisted of family time, and reminiscing. All but 6 of my cousins were there, and one of my sisters was missing. We were there to celebrate my Grandma's long wonderful life.


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