Friday, February 3, 2012


Did I ever have Saddle Shoes? I saw something today that reminded me of the little holes around the edge of the black part on the saddle shoes, and then I remember I loved my saddle shoes.

The truth is, I really have no idea if that is a made up memory, or a real one. Black and white saddle shoes. I would have been in upper elementary school.

Now, my pink little pumps with the strap around the ankle, I really had those. My first pair of "high heels." I think my favorite dress was actually my favorite because it went with those shoes.


Talyn said...

I really did have pink and white saddle shoes.

Tammy Lorna said...

I miss you Brecken!!!!

xo Tammy

Amber F said...

I had black and white saddle shoes, but I only remember because my parents have a picture of me wearing them, lined up with my sisters. I suspect we all had matching dresses too!