Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tooth Fell Out

New Years Eve Day.

Reuben comes in to show me that his baby tooth is only hanging on by a thread. I say "Yuck!" and then "I'll get in contact with the tooth fairy and tell her it is coming out any day now." He left the room to go play with a christmas present, and minutes later I heard yelling, "It fell out! My tooth fell out!"
2012_1_14 002

For the first lost tooth we thought the tooth fairy should bring a little toy (Reuben values those more than money). I asked him if he wanted me to pass a special request on. He thought and thought. With Christmas just a week before, and no watching of commercials it took a while to come up with something. Finally, he told me about mighty beanz. So, off I went to find the tooth fairy.
2012_1_14 003
That night we had friends over for a fondue party, but the tooth fairy snuck into the room of sleeping boys and replaced the tiny tooth with a mighty bean. Reuben was so excited in the morning, not for the new year, but that the tooth fairy came.
2012_1_14 004

The space it left was not gaping, the new tooth was already as tall as the baby teeth in front of it, and currently pushing it's way forward.

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Samuel Hershey said...

Reuben's a very remarkable child. That's one of the major reasons why most people love children: they are so simple that they value toys over money. Do not worry about the gap. It will definitely grow naturally. Does he have a dentist?