Saturday, January 28, 2012

No allergies

2012_1_22 036
Reuben has been complaining of headaches so at his 6 year appointment we discussed it with our doctor. The good news he doesn't have symptoms that would result in worry, the bad news is we aren't sure what it is.

One suggestion was allergies. I have allergies, and Reuben has had breathing, and skin issues, and seems to get hit with cold symptoms when my allergies are worst. So, to the specialist we went. 20 pokes, and the only reaction was to the histamine which was the control poke. The allergist said he was surprised that all of them turned out negative because from just looking at Reuben (dark circles under his eyes, swollen inside of nose, etc.) he thought for sure we'd hit something. But he's not allergic to any of the air born stuff they tested.

He gave us nose spray, and asked us to come back in a month. Reuben, while not happy about it, was a perfect patient and was happy that he didn't have any allergies, no matter how cool BNL makes it sound.

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Margaret said...

Of course, I know I'm not a Dr., but I thought headaches in children can be related to vision problems... how's his vision?
:) I'm so glad you keep up with your blog-- you guys are SUCH an adorable family!

:) Margaret