Monday, January 23, 2012

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

I've never done a birthday party for Reuben, but he is finally to the point that a birthday party would be for him, and not for me and the mom's of our playgroup, so I was considering it quietly. Then Reuben asked about it, and we decided we'd try.

When Reuben initially asked about a birthday party, he mentioned power rangers. I could see no way a power rangers birthday party could happen at my house and not drive me bonkers. So, I proposed a mad scientist party. Reuben has committed to being many things when he grows up, and most recently it has been a scientist, so a science themed party would be a pretty good fit.

I spent a lot of time on the inter webs looking for age appropriate experiments.

2012_1_22 0502012_1_22 051
It was a success! The children were engaged, and because he had demos and experiments there was no running around like crazy people (which would drive me bonkers). I had the help of Justin, Jordan, and Courtlin, and a few parents that stayed. Which, I needed. It appeared that everyone had a nice time, but especially Reuben. I love those parenting moments where all the hard work you did and are doing displays joy on your child's face.

2012_1_14 109
The stars are made with marshmallow fondant. I used a recipe that wasn't very detailed, if I ever have to do it again I will use the recipe found here.

2012_1_14 115
2012_1_14 118
Jordan called before she came over, "is there a theme to this party?" she asked, "Can I dress up?" she asked. She impressed some 5 and 6 year olds, and especially their parents.

2012_1_14 137
Chemical reaction to blow up a balloon. Water, baking soda, vinegar.

2012_1_14 1412012_1_14 1432012_1_14 146
Non-Newtonian liquid intro, Quick Sand. Sand, cornstarch, and water. the penny bouncing vs sinking was a huge hit.

2012_1_14 149
2012_1_14 1552012_1_14 160

2012_1_14 161
Forensic science. finger print investigation. Cheap magnifying glasses are pretty cheap, but they are foggy, but the kids still had fun making fingerprints and comparing them to the patterns.
2012_1_14 1852012_1_14 207
We also examined jelly bellies with the magnifying glasses, and used our other senses (taste and smell) to identify them.
2012_1_14 209

2012_1_14 177
2012_1_14 2292012_1_14 2322012_1_14 2332012_1_14 237

2012_1_14 2492012_1_14 2522012_1_14 264

2012_1_14 269
Volcano, made with sand play dough and a root beer bottle.

Borax and glue slime.


Becky said...

Seriously. Do you see those kids faces? They are all so into every experiment! I love it. I think you guys did an awesome job. I know M had a fantastic time.

Becki said...

What an awesome party Brecken!!! Looks like a hit!!! I love Justin's outfit and Jordan's too!!! They are hilarious!!! Good job on doing a party...and picking what looks and seems to be a GREAT theme!!!

Kay Jones said...

It looks to me like the parents, all the parents there, had as great a time as the kids. Good for you! I love the crazy scientist clothes Justin is wearing. He should be in the movies!